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Carbon Monoxide Alarm CO Detector Honeycomb Coal Smoke Leak Detector

KR-CD18 is a stand-alone combustible gas detector for measuring artificial gas, which is controlled by microprocessor and LED digital tube can display the concentration of carbon monoxide gas. When the concentration of carbon monoxide exceeds 100PPM, it will sound and light alarm on the spot, and also send an alarm signal to the alarm host. This product adopts electrochemical technology, with high signal stability, high sensitivity, small drift and other characteristics. It is mainly used in places where carbon monoxide gas leakage may occur, detecting whether carbon monoxide gas is leaking to protect personal and property safety.
  • KR-CD18


Products Description
High reliable electrochemistry technology
Display the concentration of Carbon Monoxide ( PPM )
Intelligent microprocessor control
Low power consumption design with unique power saving function
Auto detect sensor failure
Porous , hidden , beautiful design
Gas well infow detection
Compatible with GSM alarm host
Easy to clear , and lower maintenance cost
CO Detector
Model Number
External power supply
Buid-in battery
3pcs AAA battery
Wireless Frequency
Transmission Distance
100m (Open area0
Alarm display
display "100PPM" , prompt "Di" three times
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