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CPSE Security Show | Onsite | 2023 Security Expo - KERUI Showcases Excitement

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CPSE Security Show | Onsite | 2023 Security Expo - KERUI Showcases Excitement

The 19th CPSE (China Public Security Expo) showcased a wide range of cutting-edge intelligent security solutions and products, highlighting advancements in perimeter security, fire safety, anti-theft measures, environmental monitoring, and emergency assistance.


"Connecting the World, Sensing the Future", the 19th China International Social and Public Safety Expo took place on October 25-28, 2023 

at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

The 19th China International Social and Public Security Expo. In Hall 2, Booth 2B75, Kerui as an expert in intelligent security solutions dressed up for this Security Expo,

 presenting a full range of new products, new programs, new applications in smart perimeter, smart fire, smart anti-theft, environmental monitoring, 

emergency help and other scenes.

New products, new programs, new applications . Five Scene Sections.

KERUI has nearly 20 years of accumulation and innovation in intelligent safety sensors.

This time, KERUI sincerely brings you a lot of cutting-edge design and excellent performance of flood detectors, 

gas detectors, CO detectors, temperature and humidity detectors and various intelligent environmental safety sensors to meet the needs of

different consumers for home comfort and safety.

In the face of continuous guests, KERUI staff with the most sincere service attitude for each visitor to provide

 the most detailed explanation, many customers expressed the intention of cooperation.


Part.2 Stable Performance and Wider Detection--Wisdom Perimeter

KERUI strives to build a perimeter alarm system with better detection performance, wider range of prevention,

and higher degree of integration to help campus, government agencies, energy and other key places for security prevention.


KERUI's infrared photoelectric convection fence, pulse electronic fence and other new products for the first time, due to the use of professional MCU module, lightning protection circuit design, in order to ensure the stability of the system on the basis of further optimization of the transmission distance, reduce power consumption, prolong the duration, and can be compatible with a variety of domestic and foreign alarm host.

In this exhibition, KERUI debuted the first fully intelligent infrared warning grating equipped with magic stacking technology in the industry. As a revolutionary replacement product of KERUI's R&D team after 365 days of dedicated efforts, this time it debuted in the form of subverting the industry, which completely solved the problems of capital consumption, inconvenient transportation, backlog of inventory, and troublesome installation of the series of products in the industry, which is surely worthy for you to come and experience it!


Part.3 Timely Sensing, Remote Warning--Intelligent Fire Fighting

KERUI ploughs into the smart home security products industry for more than ten years, has accumulated strong technical strength, research and development of home intelligent fire protection system, from a single detection and alarm to achieve real-time monitoring of security events and security early warning, able to detect fire, gas leakage, carbon monoxide gas and other hidden dangers in a timely manner and take measures to protect the safety of people and property, can be widely used in the production workshop, staff dormitories, schools, Hospitals, shopping malls and other crowded places and other people-intensive places


The display of the intelligent fire protection system not only attracted the attention of a large number of domestic customers, but also won the favor of many overseas customers. It is believed that this system will set off a new round of application boom in the next global alarm market.


Part.4 Technology monitoring, remote alarm - intelligent anti-theft.

In the increasingly high-tech theft equipment today, security doors, security windows and other traditional security methods have become increasingly difficult to meet the user's security needs, technology anti-theft has been the trend of the times, KERUI infrared alarms, door alarms, alarm host in the Internet of Things technology, cloud computing and other technologies, can be remotely operated, remote alarms and other functions for the user's home to prevent burglary to add a weapon.

In the intelligent anti-theft product area, intelligent door magnets, infrared alarms and other products are displayed in a scene simulation, so that users can personally experience the alarm, linkage and other functions, and the whole board is more interactive.


Part.5 Guard for love, one key to call for help--emergency help.

It is a one-button alarm host with both front-end product access and emergency help; it is a help alarm system integrating one-button help, intelligent linkage, remote alarm and other functions; it supports wide area network (WAN), local area network (LAN), 4G wireless and other communication modes, which makes the system more adaptable and provides a more competitive solution for customers from campuses, hospitals, nursing homes, monthly care centers and other industries.



Intelligent Perimeter Security: The expo featured intelligent perimeter security solutions that utilize advanced technologies such as video analytics, thermal imaging, and radar detection. These systems provide real-time monitoring, intrusion detection, and perimeter protection for various applications, including residential areas, industrial sites, and public spaces.

Intelligent Security TUYA System: The expo showcased the TUYA system, an intelligent security platform that integrates multiple security devices and technologies. This comprehensive system offers centralized management, smart analytics, and remote control capabilities. The TUYA system provides enhanced security features, including access control, video surveillance, and alarm management, ensuring a robust and connected security infrastructure.

Intelligent Fire Safety: The expo presented intelligent fire safety solutions that utilize advanced sensors, detectors, and smart algorithms. These systems offer early fire detection, intelligent evacuation guidance, and real-time monitoring of fire-related parameters. Intelligent fire safety solutions aim to minimize response times, prevent fire incidents, and enhance the safety of buildings and occupants.

Intelligent Anti-theft Measures: The expo showcased intelligent anti-theft technologies designed to protect properties and assets. These solutions utilize intelligent sensors, alarms, and surveillance systems to detect and deter theft attempts. Features such as facial recognition, object tracking, and real-time alerts contribute to effective anti-theft measures and improved security for homes, businesses, and public areas.

Environmental Monitoring: The expo highlighted environmental monitoring solutions that help maintain a safe and healthy environment. These systems enable real-time monitoring of air quality, temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors. By providing accurate data and alerts, environmental monitoring systems contribute to early detection of potential hazards and enable prompt actions for maintaining a conducive environment.

Emergency Help: The expo featured products and technologies focused on emergency assistance and response. These solutions included panic buttons, emergency call systems, and mobile apps for distress signaling. By enabling quick and efficient communication during emergencies, these products aim to improve response times and enhance public safety.

The 19th CPSE Expo presented a comprehensive array of intelligent security solutions, including intelligent perimeter security, the TUYA system, intelligent fire safety, anti-theft measures, environmental monitoring, and emergency assistance products. These advancements in technology and integration contribute to enhanced security, improved safety measures, and greater peace of mind for various applications, from residential properties to public spaces and commercial establishments.


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