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Best Waterproof Doorbell 32pcs Doorbell Chime KERUI Wireless Doorbell

1. 32 Chimes optional 2. 5 Level volume adjustable, include mute 3. Easy to install, doesn't require any advanced wiring or specialized tools 4. Ultra-low power consumption; uses a CR2032 lithium battery that boasts 3 year maximum lifespan
  • KR-M5373/F152

  • Kerui

Product Description

door-chime (7)

door-chime (8)

door-chime (9)

door-chime (10)

door-chime (11)

door-chime (12)

Mute Mode & LED Flash

The wireless doorbell has a mute mode to choose from, don't worry doorbell chime will disturb a sleeping baby. Thanks to the LED will still flash when working in mute mode, you will never miss a visitor even in mute mode

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Memory Function

The doorbell receiver will remember your last melody after a power outage, no need to reset to your previous settings

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Product List

The package contains:1 receiver, 2 push buttons and install tools. You just need to plug the receiver into an outlet and install the push button with the double-sided tape or screw in a few minutes, then you can use the doorbell

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Product Description

Short press the VOLUME button, and the doorbell will change the volume level from 0-120 db; Short press the next music button: switch music clockwise and play the currently selected music; Short press the previous music button: switch music counterclockwise, and play the currently selected music.

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Wireless Doorbell
Home House Appartment Vila Hotels
Working voltage
100~240V 50~60Hz AC
Standby current
<5mA (220V AC)
Working current
<15mA (220V AC)
Wireless frequency
Wireless distance
5 levels
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