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Annual Meeting | Moving Forward with Dreams, Brilliant 2024 - Annual Ceremony of KERUI SMART

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On January 26th, 2024, all the partners of KERUI Shenzhen headquarters, KERUI Heyuan production base and KERUI Huizhou innovation base gathered together to participate in the company's 2024 Annual Ceremony, celebrating another fruitful year of KERUI!

Early in the morning the sun shines brightly, the headquarters of the colleagues gathered early in front of the company building orderly boarded the car to the annual meeting of the organizers ---- (KERUI Heyuan base) in all the way to the sound of joy, we embarked on a joyful gathering of the journey, everyone's face is overflowing with anticipation and joy!

The company organized the Fun Athletic Games in Heyuan Base, which witnessed the intertwining of passion and vitality, the display of speed and power, and moreover, the spirit of teamwork and personal struggle! The team cohesion was reflected in the tug-of-war. Everyone released the pressure in the movement, and It also enhances the friendship between each other.

On the basketball court, everyone worked together and fought for victory!

The table tennismatch went on fiercely, with both sides fighting back and forth, the competition was very fierce!

Badminton match, passionate swings. Unity and athleticism, show style. Every leap on the field. Every leap on the field is an explosion of power!





In the evening, the signing session of the annual meeting began, everyone signed in an orderly manner and took pictures, carrying the good expectations and common memories for the new year.


The leaders of the company took the stage and delivered a passionate speech, they reviewed the brilliant achievements of the company in the past year, thanked all the staff for their hard work, and at the same time, looked forward to the company's brilliant future with a broad vision.


Colleagues took the stage to perform, with moving songs, beautiful dances, humorous skits and interactive games. Each program won everyone's applause and cheers, the scene atmosphere reached a climax, we on the stage, is the most dazzling star tonight!

Between the performances, interspersed with exciting interactive lucky draws, everyone is looking forward to being the lucky one, nervousness and anticipation are intertwined, the atmosphere of the scene gradually heated up, with a high amount of prizes drawn, with the unveiling of each award, the atmosphere is getting more and more enthusiastic, and the scene is constantly erupting with cheers and screams.


This annual meeting not only let us relax our body and mind. It has also helped us to gather strength. Inspired by the power to move forward. With more enthusiasm and a more determined pace. Create a more brilliant tomorrow!

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